[Tool Review] – Give Your Clients Realtime Updates with ClientStat.us

Want an easy way to keep your team or client updated on what’s happening? Don’t want them to go through labor-intensive sign-up processes? Want to be able to give clients and customers updated often on the status of their project quickly and efficiently?

Well the Rails Rumble 2010 attendees pushed out this program in 48 hours.

Enter: ClientStat.us Updates Without the Hassel of Logins or Passwords

Straight from them:

In moments like that [when clients want updates], they don’t need the nitty gritty details. They need a summary that filters them down and gives a quick snapshot of the questions on their mind.”

We like this tool because it is just that simple. You go to the homepage and enter in your first status update. The tool automatically creates a landing page for your project and you can begin entering in other updates.

Enter in a feature. Give it a comment, and push the start button.

If you want to complete the feature, give it a comment, then click complete.

You’ll end up creating a list of features similar to what a Scrum team would  create, without the story “cards” per se. The fluid and intuitive interface gives the user just enough options to start, stop, or complete a feature with comments attached.

If you like tools like Yammer but don’t want to download a client, this may be just the ticket for your team. We can think of several ways that this would be very useful for a freelancer, though we’re unsure whether a big business could make use of it seeing that the various stakeholders would have to bookmark every single update status page of any project they are following.

On a client by client basis though, this may be the perfect tool for a small shop. If a client wants and update. Send them a personal link.

Just make sure you update the right project if you have multiple clients. Last thing you want to do is to give the biggest-client-you-ever-had an update of “complete” with a comment from your aunt’s cooking blog that you’re doing for free.

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