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“For many years the web has lacked a solution to free project management – specifically for small businesses, start-ups, students, or people who just love to collaborate on ideas. With Freedcamp we offer an unlimited user and unlimited project solution for everyone, completely free, forever.”

While this tool does NOT have all the facets that an Agile tool would have, we just had to cover it because of it’s outrageous claim: To be FREE FOREVER. That caught our eye and we decided to dive in and see what was up. From the enavu.com network comes this newest tool.

[Enter]: FreedcampFree Project Management, Forever!

Features include:

  • Individual and group task assignment, allowing team members to assign tasks based on priority and due date.
  • (To-do’s) – Forum like discussion groups, providing threaded entries.
  • Ability to set deadlines and keep your projects on track. (Milestones)
  • Invoice creation and live time tracking.
  • Application wide file sharing online storage management.
  • The ability to house an unlimited number of projects and users.
  • Innovative task management via Freedcamp To-do’s.
  • Migration tools, making it easy to import information from existing project management solutions.*
  • A completely free solution, for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Meebo chat bar offering Gtalk, Live Messenger, AIM, and more.

All the screens you’ll see are very familiar. Oh wait. It’s just like basecamp. No worries though. If you’re familiar with basecamp, then you’ll know how to run this app in no time.

Milestones? Time tracking? Yep. It’s all there. Basic project management at it’s finest, plus a pretty slick UI to boot.

And there you have it. This review wasn’t too involved because it’s simple project management. But if you’re an Agile project manager (with more PM duties than you’d like), then this tool may just help out with your misguided position in your company (I kid)!

“With Freedcamp, project management has become social and centralized. In the past, project management and collaboration was a daunting task, mainly due to lack of centralized system to handle multiple projects at once. Freedcamp aims to provide a centralized system with intuitive and innovative features that spark creative ideas. Now, the ability to streamline task management, time management, and social integration helps businesses to create efficiency and productivity. And it’s completely free!”

Well done sirs, well done.

[We review Agile tools. Have you seen our Agile tools list?]

10 Replies to “[Tool Review] – Freedcamp – Free Project Management, FOREVER”

  1. Forever? I get accept free. But, forever free? Maybe they’re looking to get some critical mass and then go for a buyout? I know, I’m asking a lot of questions. I do believe in a free or low cost alternatives. But, the last dot-com bubble proved you can’t be free….forever.


  2. First thanks for the great review, we appreciate it!

    @Derek Yeah we keep hearing doubt around the internets about our claims 🙂 and I can’t blame you, when so many have failed who are we to do it! Well we are a team of dedicated, excited, and happy young(ish) individuals who are here to make a real difference. But we are no fools, we will be launching a Version 2 which will include dozens of improvements and features but also a Marketplace where you can purchase advanced Applications for your business! But all the features we currently offer will remain free, will also receive a lot of attention in form of improvements, and hopefully Freedcamp will become the final resting place of a united project collaboration for all!

    Again, thanks for the write up!

    1. Yeah!!! We’ve already been in business for almost 2 years (less a month) and our system is still free. We have helped hundreds of universities and non-profits organizations who haven’t spent a penny for anything. However you are correct since the beginning we have charged for additional storage to be able to cover a fraction of our costs for maintaining all of our servers and developers. Also, yes as of the last year we have also added more functionality beyond project management like professional invoicing and CRM at fraction of the cost of our competitors (literally 70% less). However as always our project management applications have remained free and more free ones have come around.

      We’re so proud and happy to still be around, it’s going to be an amazing year coming up!

  3. Thanks for the article, I guess I’m a bit late but I’m gonna try Freedcamp based on this article (amidst the noise) – still free in 2014. Thanks for the great work and kind heart, Angel. Will support with purchases in the marketplace whenever I can!

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