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We here at Agile Scout love us some design and Agile. We talk a lot about how design and Agile can work:

Not only that we love how developers are creating design apps that make it easier for teams to collaborate:

  • [Tool Review] – Wirify – Make a webpage a wireframe
  • [Tool Review] – GoMockingBird – A light wireframe tool to put web-centric wireframes together quickly
  • [Tool Review] – CageApp – Design sharing made easy
  • [Tool Review] – Lucid Chart – Online Diagramming made easy
  • Or go with a regular design pad – Yep. Pen and Paper version.
  • How about turning a wall into a full-on whiteboard. Use Idea Paint!

Well here’s something for Agile developers and designers!

[Enter]: Conceptboard A brand new (free) cloud app for visual collaboration *Agile Scout likes!

Conceboard offers a blank work space (like a whiteboard) on which you can put designs, pictures or documents (pdf, ms office). Or you just start to scribble (great for mind maps and brainstorming). With the comment tool you can place annotations directly at your designs or concepts.

Their distinctive feature is real time collaboration.

Teams can work at the same time on a board. Even on the iPad. There is also a great presentations mode for showing your work to a customer, coworker or friend. Conceptboard offers a typical, simple interface for the online feedback tools, in order to collect comments and remarks at one central location. This central location is the board which is easily accessed by all participants via a browser; in other words, the current status of the draft and all the participants’ opinions are available to everyone at all times. The feedback in the Conceptboard can consist of adding text, or scribbles and small sketches, or even adding other files and screenshots to the same board.


But before we continue, we had to let you know that all AgileScout readers get 20% off a premium account! Thanks to Roman for this awesome perk.

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Not only that, for the we will choose 3 random WINNERS  who want to try out the design app get a 6 month license for FREE! 

Just comment and let us know how you’d use this app for your personal or business use!

What I loved about this tool is it’s fluid and easy to use. All about the simplicity! Adding and uploading documents was a breeze, I was even able to add screenshots directly to it. 🙂

Here is a bullet list of the features!

  • Space for efficient teamwork – Conceptboard is a great work space for your ideas, documents and pictures. It’s very intuitive and makes online collaboration easy as pie. Start by freehand drawing or select one of our simple sketching tools.
  • Use your own files – Concepts, drafts, documents and pictures. Do you have to discuss and rework content? Just drag your files from your computer onto your board et voilà.
  • Work directly on your documents – Edit your documents as if they were printed. Highlight, underline and more with just one click.
  • Get things done on the iPad – Conceptboard is optimized for the iPad. There is no app you need to download, it works just fine in the browser. Get your work done from your couch at home!
  • Supported file formats, even on the iPad – Conceptboard supports various file formats. No conversion or specific office software necessary. It even works on the iPad.
  • Take screenshots – Fancy a screenshot? Our tool makes it a breeze. You can capture not only websites but any other window. Great to quickly demonstrate a draft.
  • Comment without the fuss – Opinions, ideas, thoughts – comment directly on the object of discussion. It has never been easier to give and get feedback.
  • Add participants and friends – Conceptboard is all about teamwork. Invite coworkers via e-mail or just share the link to your board.
  • Work live with your team – Discuss drafts, make decisions and produce results. Work cooperatively on your boards in realtime. All actions are immediately visible to all participants.
  • Manage your tasks – Specify what has to be done and move forward. Tasks can be designated with the attributes open, critical or closed.
  • Attach files – Got some background documents for your coworkers? Just attach them to a board and everyone is able to download them. Without e-mail.
  • Organize your boards – Easily manage your content, your team and all permissions. Create folders and set e-mail alerts for updates.
This app is free to try. Check it out. May just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

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  1. We’ve had a little bit of an…issue.. when it comes to design budget. I’m not a trained web designer but rather a product owner who knows a thing or two. I would love, love, love to introduce this to the development team to see what they think! Also, I should mention that I’m in the US and they are in Stockholm. 🙂

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