[Tool Review] – Boarrd with Project Management?

The Rails Rumble 2010 event made a huge splash in the collaboration-tool department. It seems like developers are always looking for a way to make communication between team members and clients easier. A quick google search for collaboration tools will have you spinning in your seat at the numerous different apps out there.

Are you Boarrd with the app your using now? Well, try a new one!

Enter: BoarrdA Widget-Intensive Status Platform

Our example above shows just how easy it is. A few clicks and you’ll have yourself a clock, a weather widget, and a Twitter stream.

While it seems to have a very social-media focus (RSS, Twitter, Facebook), you can add your own custom widgets as well, but Boarrd seems to love it some good old Github connections.

Need a project management widget? Well, if you already have it created in Github then you’re covered.

We’re not quite sure that this tool would be used as a go-to source for project management, or even Agile project management, but a creative mind could utilize this tool with success a team commits to using it.

Maybe you have some good ideas for how your team could use an app like this.

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