[Tool Review] – Binfire – Simple BaseCamp-Style Task Management

Here is a tool that came up on our radar with very little flash. If you even look at the title of the tool and the features list, it’s pretty straight-forward:

Project management tools

  • Project Collaboration
  • Manage milestones
  • Todo lists
  • Online file storage

Enter: BinfireFile hosting, collaboration, and project management

Nothing really too snazzy to be honest with you. This tool, though, is very simple, and it would be very hard to get lost within the tool.

Look at the top and you’ll find 3 buttons. Yep, that’s all the navigation you get until you get into a specific project. Then it turns into 5 buttons. Not too hard right?

From there you can choose Files, Tasks and Milestones, Tweets, and a Whiteboard for idea-creation.

This tool seems to be a very slimmed down version of Basecamp with very limited features. Dive deeper into some of the options and, oh wait, not a whole lot of other options.

If you’re looking for a platform that is very similar to that of Basecamp with a trimmed feature set, this may be the one for you. In terms of Agile software development, we’re not too sure how this would be used.

Take it for a spin and see what you think. It’s simple to get started but the lack of features may have you wanting more in the end.

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9 Replies to “[Tool Review] – Binfire – Simple BaseCamp-Style Task Management”

  1. Peter,
    Thank you for the review, It was a surprise to see a review of our site on the day before Christmas!
    The current release is beta. We will release a new version with more functionality like interactive real-time whiteboard, group chat, tasks + milestones with multiple dependencies plus enhanced dashboard to show the project’s status on Jan 16, 2011.
    I would like to give you a sneak preview of the new release before release. Please contact me at david(at)binfire(dot)com

        1. Hi Peter,
          We just released the lasted version of binfire.com. It has many enhancements compared to the last version. It includes integrated group chat, real-time interactive whiteboard, Tasks and Milestones with dependencies, task history and more.

  2. Hi !
    Thanks for the list. Currently I’m also evaluating some tool, just starting with agile/scrum but I’d like to find some tool like SpiraPlan / Aldon (installed in our servers)
    Easy to use, hopefully with some API/SDK to extend it
    Best regards !

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