Tool Review – Agile Task – [Very] Simple Task Management

Work before paperwork, right? People and developers would rather get to work than do the paperwork side of things. We understand, and so do the guys at out in Bozeman, Montana.

Enter AgileTask – A lightweight personal backlog tool:

This tool is meant for developers in mind who aren’t fully concerned with all the flash-bang features of a more robust tool. Yes, they offer api support in various ways, but other than that, it’s a straight-up MMF (minimum marketable feature) tool.

API’s anyone? Well yes. API connections are a standard these days. It makes very little sense to not have them.

What we like most about AgileTask is the fact that it’s true to it’s tag-line:

“A lightweight personal backlog tool.”

When we think of “lightweight” we think of the word “fast.” Something that loads quickly. Doesn’t have too many click-throughs, and runs exactly like it says it does.

Does AgileTask do that? Absolutely.

We wonder whether the guys up in Montana are doing any more development on this. Would it take away from the core functionality? Maybe not. What would be nice though is a simple tab with basic metrics. Hey, who doesn’t like to see how they are doing over time. It’s personal encouragement!

See below for an example of how we’ve created some tasks. See anything else on the screen? Exactly. It’s simple task management!

In our estimation AgileTask does exactly what it claims to do. If you’re looking for a task-management system with almost no bells and whistles and a very low fee of $24 per year, look no further. This management system is one of the simplest ones we’ve seen in a long time. Simple, easy to use, fast. What else do you need?

Like achievements Xbox style? Yep. They have them. I felt pretty awesome receiving this first achievement unlock! #n00bs #ftw

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  2. Hey! This is Jade Robbins one of the developers on AgileTask. Thanks for the review!

    We absolutely agree that personal metrics are important, and we are thinking of things to include into the application so that people can specifically see what they did and how to improve their process to be more productive.

    We are also working on new features, but you are totally correct that we don’t want to add features that interfere with the simple and clean interface.

    Thanks again for checking us out!

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