[Tool Review] Agile Soup – Simple Web Program with Android App

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We found out about this cool little app while we were browsing for android applications. It seems that we may have found another addition to our growing list of Agile tools that has a bit of ‘flavour’ to it.

[Enter]: Agile SoupAgile Project Management on the Go

Load this baby up, and you have a simple tabbed interface with:

  • Dashboard
  • Projects
  • Stories
  • Tasks
  • Agile Wall
  • Reports
  • Users

Simple enough you think? Pretty much. The Agile Soup guys tell us it is this simple:

  1. START A PROJECT – AgileSoup contains all the basic elements to create and organise a project.
  2. COLLABORATE – Create an environment where teams can’t help but be involved in the product life cycle.
  3. TIME TO PARTY. – It’s time to pat each other on the back and enjoy that beer the stackholders have been promising.

One, two, and three. There you have it. Building timeboxed sprints are a snap too.

And don’t forget the “Agile Wall” so you can visualize projects so that the entire team understands the current status of the project and can work in an autonomous, motivated and collaborative manner.

“Better Team Management, Zero Training – Who wants to fiddle around with a cumbersome list of reports, let’s face it, time is already of the essence.”

Is that right? I would kind of agree that you shouldn’t have to bring in consultants to train your team on your collaboration tool. AgileSoup’s intuitive design allows participants to manage their own tasks, collaborate with others and innovate without training… or so they say.

We took it for a spin and found that it has very much the features that you would expect out of a lean Agile tool.

If you want to give it a spin, it’s a freemium model. Dang, is it too much to just create free management system that’ll stay free? Oh wait. We did find one of those

Trial – Free

  • 5 Users
  • 5 MB of storage
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Time Tracking
  • Agile Wall
  • Chart/Graph Reporting

By the way, they do have a pretty snazzy android app.

With Agilesoup mobile android app, you can manage multiple projects when you’re away from your desk. Key features include:

  • Simple, intuitive UI
  • Real time collaboration with your team
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Create and edit stories
  • Manage tasks assigned to you

“We’ve taken the industry leading UI that is Agilesoup Web and tranformed it into an “agile pocket rocket” whilst maintaining the full spectrum of features you have grown accustomed to.”

The UI is smooth to say the least. I particularly enjoyed moving through it. If your developers are in need of an Agile tool on the run, this could work if you’re not already a Pivotal tracker fan with an PT app for your iPhone…

“Progress tracking is essential for agile development. Are we doing well? Are there problems with the implementation in the current iteration? All these questions must be answered real time.

Agilesoup mobile collects time spent and time remaining for each activity from all team members and provides powerful progress information via Reports.

And all this is made available from the palm of your hand….now that’s staying in the loop.”

Give it a go. You may just like what you see.

[We review Agile tools. Have you seen our Agile tools list?]

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