Tips for Resumes [Infographic]

I help a lot of people with their resumes. Lots of people are looking for jobs, especially after they’ve taken one of our training courses. Instead of writing custom letters to each person (I do a lot), here is a summary of my usual thoughts…

A couple of things:
  1. 2 pages. Perfect. More than 2 is not necessary. Most people don’t read past the first half-page anyway
  2. Almost every resume I see is pretty much EXACTLY the same, are you the same as others? Absolutely not. If that’s the case, then spend time making your resume kick some serious ass.

I would do the following:

  – For each position, don’t use paragraphs. Nobody reads them anyway.
  – For each position, use BULLET POINTS. 3-4 is max
  – Fill each bullet point with ACTION words, not passive voice. What was ACCOMPLISHED is the most important
Biggest differentiator? Online presence. Do you have a website? That’s where you put the juice. Now, you don’t have to follow my footsteps here, but I DONT have a resume. I refuse to go that route. If people want to know more about me I tell them to go to a website, like:
If they want to know more in-depth stuff about me I tell them that I’m best at communicating it in person.
You see, you’re more than a piece of paper. By far, more than that. Here is my core philosophy on these types of things:
  1. You (employer or company) desire me.
  2. I don’t necessarily desire you (company).
  3. I’m worth every penny.
  4. I’m willing to interview you (the company) just as much as you interview me
  5. You (company) need to know why it would be foolish NOT to bring me in (or hire me)
I know this may sound harsh, but companies should fight for your time, because you’re worth it. If that’s the case then I can help you (company) understand a few things:
  1. I’m more than a resume, a piece of paper
  2. Care about me, because if you get me, you’ll want to utilize me to the fullest
  3. I’m not interested in being a cog in a wheel. I’m interested in creating value.
  4. So, (company), I’m going to help you out. Go here, here and here (websites, links, etc) about me. My resume is a start point, but after that, our conversations will lead you to a better understanding and informed decision.
Anyway. I hope this helps!
  • Shorten your resume. People don’t read paragraphs. People read bullets
  • Make it stick. I like to use a value proposition as a header… something like: “Why you should hire me:” // “Don’t lose this opportunity:” // “Why I kick serious ass:” (understand your audience here) // “How I’ve changed companies:” // “How I create value:” // “Here’s what people are saying about me:” (insert quotes from linkedin or whatever) // “Read this first:” (I like this one, because it is a call to action for them to read THIS (whatever that is) FIRST. Get them hooked) // …. … or use a powerful action word.
  • ***EXAMPLE*** — I had one person I helped with their resume have each header be a one word power-word… Her headers were like: “Boom” // “Dynamite!” // “Value” // “Engaging” // … something like that. She actually got a compliment on her resume by her hiring boss! LOL.
  • Get online presence. Again, you’re more than a piece of paper.
Hope this helps!


Need some tips in an infographic? Jump on it [CLICK TO ENLARGE]:


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