The UK Govt Manages Your Pensions Using Agile

The Department for Work and Pensions in the UK is taking your money seriously. So seriously that they’re going to be managing the software side using Agile methodologies.

“The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) faces constant pressure to provide its end-users and partners with customised, high quality, working software applications on time and to budget…[aren’t we all]… “Agile is already delivering for us, and it is our intention not to use the old style of project management for new projects in the future. “That does not mean to say that all of what was done in the past was wrong – the old way, provided it was supported by effective collaboration worked and did deliver, but not as efficiently.”

This sounds good to us, but it seems that not everyone over there in the UK are sold 100% on Agile:

“But whether more lightweight, incremental agile alternatives that place greater emphasis on collaboration between teams of developers and end user interaction are the best way forward in every case is not certain either… It is not necessarily the fault of IT but it begins with the client and it is incumbent on me and anyone else in my position to be really clear about what the client wants and how they want to go about achieving it, and collaboration is key to this.”

Taking small incremental steps will help. It’s good to know that other government agencies (Veterans Affairs) around the world are taking notice of Agile and utilizing it (Obama told us to use Agile anyway). Could it be said that the governments are finally doing something right?

Maybe we’re just biased.

[HT: Computing UK]

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