The über ScrumMaster

über ScrumMaster Certification

I have a new Agile Certification course that I’ve been working through in my head: The über ScrumMaster Certification.

What do you think? I’ve even put together a nifty photoshopped version of it (above).

I’ve worked with über ScrumMasters before. Often, they take care of the enterprise-wide issues as it relates to multiple Scrum teams. There is, actually even true title within some big companies:

Yep. When I have "über" in my title, you know I kick ass.

So tell me, please, is this a necessary role? Or are there valid reasons for this position?

Please convince me by commenting below your experiences with this role. What else are the UBERS responsible for?

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  1. The Uber as it relates to having multiple scrum teams and the ability for a person to be overseeing the coaching, process and impediments across an enterprise is a great idea. In execution it is very difficult.

    Times there are intentions to make the Uber a manager, or represent all teams in management meetings. This interaction makes the uber less of a scrum role and more of a management role.

    I have found that if the Uber is brought in as a cross-team coach, mentor and management support role, then it has been successful. A lot of times, I see people labelled as “Agile Coach” instead of Uber SM just to separate their role from a team’s SM. The Uber does the best when they are removing impediments, especially the impediments created by a management team that is new to scrum/agile.

    As enterprises get more accomplished with Scrum, the Uber role can go one of two ways, continue to be the Agile Advocate across teams, or begin to be diminished as the enterprise itself is setup to be its own Agile Advocate.

  2. Maybe we can call them business process consultants because that is what they are doing?

    It has little to do with Scrum, if we are talking about reorging the business. It has to do with realigning business processes.

    I also would avoid the word “uber”. Many of in the scrum community are jack booted enough. Adding another reference (beyond the ‘SA’) that can serve as a reference back to a famous european regime which is dimly viewed is a step in the wrong direction maybe…


  3. Totally agree with Robert up above with one more bullet point. The uber will probably find him/herself in a unique position to see what’s working and not working for other teams so being able to spread those team lessons to the rest of the organization will be key.

    Also, let’s keep thing simple and just call this person “The Scrum Guy/Lady” since they’ll be primarily the source for all Scrum Knowledge for the teams.

    “Hey are we doing our retrospectives right?”
    “Dunno, maybe we should go ask the Scrum Guy”

  4. I would love to see a certification for Uber Scrum Master. When trying to coordinate the efforts of multipe teams you need certain skills. This includes the ability to see the big picture (risks, deliverables & overall status) and manage communications with management

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