The State of Agile – Contributor List

The State of Agile contributor list has been complete. Thanks to all who have contributed to this call for submissions! After reading through what some of the leaders in our community have to say, we’re excited about where Agile is going and what needs to continue to grow as more and more businesses see the value that Agile software development can bring.

Have something you’d like to share with the Agile community? Contribute!

A full list of the contributors below and calendar:

Make sure your mark your calendars for the following days to read what your Agile practitioner has to say!

The Questions:

  1. Your (author) background?
  2. How Agile has changed (from authors perspective) in terms of methods, philosophies, ideologies, pragmatic applications, etc.?
  3. Where is Agile going (in the future)?

Their responses will be posted on these dates:

Tuesday 10/26 – Tobias Mayer

Wednesday 10/27 – Derek Huether

Thursday 10/28 – Ken Schwaber

Friday 10/29 – Josh Nankivel (Video!) and Sara Broca

Monday 11/1 – Lisa Crispin

Tuesday 11/2 – Mark Levison

Wednesday 11/3 – Marcin Niebudek

Thursday 11/4 –  Matthias Marschall and David Hicks

Friday 11/5 – Vincent D’Amico

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