The Century of Scrum?

During an interview with Steve Denning, Jeff Sutherland said that the 21st century will the be century of ScrumReally?

A couple of excerpts from the interview:

  • “Scrum makes things go twice as fast for anything… so you should look at Scrum outside of software development.”
  • “Scrum makes the process more predictable.”
  • “Scrum is hard to implement in marketing.”
  • “Scrum can help executive teams be a better team together.”
  • “For the CEO to be a great Chief Product Owner, they have to have good product vision.”
  • “Scrum is changing the world… and I want to move Scrum into management.”

Do take a moment and listen to the interview. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I had the chance to invite for a conference series – when I was still an engineering student – a very close friend of Edwards Deming in person – Mr Jean Marie Gogue who also translated in French Deming’s book Out of the Crisis – and what he told me about the history of Japanese Quality and Deming astonished me.

    He told me that Deming was very upset to have succeeded in Japan but not in America or in US because in Japan after World War II, the General Mac Arthur replaced the CEOs by young engineers and ordered them to follow the teaching of Deming so that the knowledge did come from the top and had the huge impact we all know on Japanese Industry Quality in the end – because in the 1960s their products still have bad reputation.

    So when I did follow a 2-day course of Jeff Sutherland, that’s the first and only thing I wanted to tell him (I paid from my own pocket a few thousand Euros just to be able to do this because I wasn’t really interested by certification or Scrum I already knew ): “Jeff the pity with Agile is that it doesn’t really impact the Top Management of the whole enterprise. Deming failed in America contrary to Japan because of that. You should try to target the top CTO and CEO instead of software technicians with your seminars ?” Well I don’t know if he did remember what I said but I’m happy that he seems to just start targeting them as he tells in this interview. I’m also very gratefull that he honored Deming at the end of the video: Deming was an humble man and he should not be forgotten.

  2. There’s a saying, “When all you have is a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail”! 🙂 I remember when Extreme Programming was the be-all and end-all and was the only possible way to deliver software. I’m sure there are people with whom could take the interview with Jeff and s/Scrum/Kanban/.

    The point is that there is no one process or even framework that fits all situations.

    To be fair, one quote above requires some clarification:

    “Scrum makes things go twice as fast for anything… so you should look at Scrum outside of software development.”

    That quote forgets what led up to it… “They found that…” It wasn’t a blind assertion.

    Also, the “Century of Scrum” quip was stated by the interviewer and Jeff acknowledged it with a laugh. It wasn’t as if he was trumpeting that from the rooftops.

    I am decidedly not a Scrum apologist, but I do think you need to be more fair about how you’re portraying the material in the video.

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