The Art of Possibility

Benjamin Zander is someone whom I greatly admire, adore, and respect. In almost all of my workshops and client work I leverage not only his writing but pieces of his inspirational speaking as well. I utilize his book The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life a lot in my coaching.

A natural and gifted leader, he is more than a coach (and world famous conductor). He is a man who is helping people unlock the ‘possibility‘ inside of themselves.

Please, watch the above video of how Ben Zander transforms before your very eyes a musical piece many of us have heard before. He brings it alive through a 15 year old boy Nicolai, who (to my ignorant ears) did quite well on his first pass of the piece. But… as you see how Ben coaches the 15 year old, you will see a transformation take place… the music comes alive.

This is what it means to be a coach, a change agent in enterprises, teams, and individuals. A true Agile coach is one who sees the potential, makes visible the possible, and guides those to achieve them.

I promise, watching this 30 minute clip will be the best lunch break you’ve had in a good while.

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  2. This was worth the 30min investment in time…this just validates my “objective mindset” approach to everything…leave the mental door open, always, to allow for endless possibility!!!!! Good one Peter!

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