The Agile Pocket Guide Book – Published!

Peter Saddington‘s 2nd book published by Wiley, “The Agile Pocket Guide – A quick Start to Making Your Business Agile Using Scrum and Beyond” is out!

To celebrate, we’re giving some away!

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18 Replies to “The Agile Pocket Guide Book – Published!”

  1. Peter, I was glad to see your Pocket Guide is available for the Kindle. The problem is, my Kindle won’t quite fit in my pocket. What to do, what to do … I know! I’ll ask you to pick ME for your fabulous giveaway! And if you do, I promise to write a review. Which may or may not fit in your pocket, depending on which device you use to access my blog.

    Perhaps we need a better naming convention for these concise guides; definitely something less clothing-dependent.

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