The Agile Doctor?

Many different types of Agile consulting firms do some sort of Agile assessment with their clients if the need is there. Well no longer. You can get an Agile check-up online. With Dr. Agile!

I wasn’t sure whether this was a joke or not when I came across the website, it smelt of a bad infomercial right off the bat. Grainy graphics, a funny looking dude with post-its all over him. What would you expect?

Well I did take the assessment. Wasn’t fully convinced that it was all too helpful though. Many of the questions had me wondering whether the assessment was for Agile-noobs or for experienced Agilists. Many of the questions assumed you already knew the lingo and certain “Agile” words.

One thing’s for certain, though. If you know enough about Agile, this quick 3 minute assessment may just help you… do… something with the information. Not sure yet.

Here is an example assessment after I went through it:

[Click for fuller size]

Give it a go?

[HT: Dr. Agile]

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  1. That’s Dr. Ahmed Sidky. Upon reading the X2A details, I noticed the association with Santeon Group. He’s also on the Executive Board for ICAgile. Maybe he’s just using it for marketing?

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