The Agile Coach Persona – The Calling and Integrity (Part 1/2)

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In a lot of ways I see any type of ‘coaching’ a calling. Seriously. “Coaches” seem to be popping up all of the place these days… coaches in anything. I get it. There’s a market for it, but again, I believe is a calling. Something you’re compelled to do out of a deep desire for helping others. Nothing else.

I’m not talking about helping businesses necessarily… but helping people in LIFE. My opinion is this: A coach, helps people in lifeIt just may happen that you’re a coach for (fill in the blank) at a company or organization. That’s cool. But a coach helps people. Period.

 Characteristics of the Call

  1. It is personal.
  2. It is pressing. Do it now!
  3. It is particular. It’s very specific.
  4. It promises resources… your personal resources, time, emotion to be poured into others.

 11 Important Aspects of a Coach as a Person

  1. Servant leader character.
  2. Contagious love for helping others succeed (before yourself).
  3. Genuine love for people. 
  4. Good, friendly personality.
  5. Good physical health.
  6. Good personal emotional maturity.
  7. Careful attention to emotional needs of others.
  8. Lifestyle commensurate with a community of leadership.
  9. Dependability.
  10. Ability to protect confidences.
  11. Public relations consciousness.

The Coach and Personal Integrity (Character)

  1. Must be a person of character before you can serve as a person of character.
  2. Moral integrity – the highest.
  3. Intellectual honesty – committed to others.
  4. Giving fervor – highest desire is to help others succeed.

Fewer things are more challenged and more neglected in our modern society than the importance of integrity (character). “Performing,” “succeeding,” and “doing” all hold higher postures than “being” and “becoming.” In today’s culture, character simply does not rise to a high level of importance. “Character doesn’t matter so long as the work is done well” is the cry of many in modern culture. This is especially true in the political arena.

The truth is, however, character does matter. Who we are and what we do in private will ultimately affect what we do in public. All that we are and do as leaders ultimately is revealed in our personal authenticity. Character is about what AND who we are at the core of our being.

Character still counts! In a society that minimizes values, the value of character escalates in terms of coaching and mentoring. It is character that will be transferred to others and be used to transform lives. CHARACTER IS THE CRITICAL MASS OF COACHING!!!

The world is expecting less and less of us as leaders in regard to personhood. We who are called to coaching leadership, however, need to expect more of ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to higher standards rather than societal opinions.

In the coaching character is more than a generic philosophical concept. It is a way of life.

Am out out of my mind here? Gone too far? What say you?


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  1. I’m with you all the way. You cannot stand in front of people and encourage them to be team players if you’re a two-faced self-serving snake. You’ve also got to accept, and be comfortable with, the fact that you don’t know everything and you don’t even know how to help someone in every situation; what you do need to be sure about is that you will use every bit of experience you have to help them and do everything you can. Nice post.

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