TalkingWork Podcast with Peter Saddington and Ramona Abbot

Ty Kiisel and Raechel Logan from TalkingWork interviewed your very own @agilescout for their TalkingWork Podcast.

Talking Work with Peter Saddington – [mp3 download]

A couple take aways from Ty’s podcast as well as a couple bullet points from the speakers.


Does the process ever get in the way of getting work done?

  • The process doesn’t get in the way, but rather the way we execute the process.
  • Part of a PM role is to lead people and build relationships with team members.
  • Work together with your team members! – The relationships matter the most.
  • Get out of the way! – No more micro-management. Hire the right people and then get out of their way.
  • Share the success! – It’s not all about you. Take the focus off yourself and treat other people like equals. Team success is team success for everyone.

Ramona Abbott in Project Management Minute:

  • Many project managers became PM’s through technical rank promotion, but usually didn’t have the soft skills necessary to be successful. The soft-side skills make a big difference.
  • The odds of being an outstanding PM is 1/100. The commonalities between the best PM’s are their people skills: listening, go talk with the people on  your team (get out of your chair!), “projecting quiet confidence” – no micromanagement and confidence in yourself and team.

If you can’t stand hearing Peter Saddington‘s voice, here are a couple bullet points on what he blabbered on about:

Thanks a bunch Ty and Raechel!

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