GAME REVIEW – Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

Get in the jam! Freestyle 2: Street Basketball is a riot! They throw you right in the action and get jamming!

What I appreciated most is that there is a consistent legend on the right side of the screen that lets you know all of the move buttons. For someone jumping right into the game this is immensely helpful.

After jumping right in, I was paired with 2 other random people playing the game too.  We WON our first 2 games and then got smoked on our 3rd.

The graphics are very anime cartoon style, loved that. The gameplay was intuitive, and with more practice, you certainly get better and better.

The downside, however, is team play… if you can consider it a downside… I played one game where the guy just never passed!

Other than that, this is a free-to-play game. Loved every minute! said: “FreeStyle 2 is an incredibly polished basketball-themed game and is a huge improvement over the first FreeStyle game. Anyone even remotely interested in sports games should find a lot to like with FreeStyle 2. The only real drawbacks are the few game modes and lack of full-court play, along with some minor pay-to-win elements.”

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