Sustaining Agility – A Look Ahead

What Does This Year Hold?

As we look towards this year with anticipation I see that my clients have a ton of work ahead of them. Certainly it’s easy to get tunnel-vision, in that we have mission critical projects and focus solely on them.

Bottom line: we need to get them done.

But we need not forget our drive for continuous improvement and refactoring! Some things that have come to mind for me as we get steeped into our projects include:

  1. Evolving the current processes – Ask the question: “What can be changed?”
  2. Monitoring our current health with empirical skepticism – “Does this make sense?”
  3. Having a beginner’s mind and avoid the expert-attitude. – “Why are we doing this?”

These questions may be broad, but they also are good starting points for improving our processes. Keep a fresh perspective for the new year!

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