[Survey] – Portfolio Management for Agile IT – And the Winner is Waterfall


  • 88% believe that the volume of projects developed using the Agile methodology will grow.
  • 59% of European organisations use/will use a combination of Agile development and waterfall.
  • 5% of European organisations intend solely to use the Agile methodology and 12% intend only to use waterfall.
  • 43% of European organisations believe that the importance of Agile development will grow in the next few years. By contrast, 56% believe that Agile development will become more important but waterfall will continue to play a significant role in most projects.
  • A quarter of the audience is using Agile development in 20% their projects.
  • The challenges inhibiting organisations from implementing an Agile approach include cultural change, control, and lack of executive buy-in.
  • Agile projects are managed via a variety of disparate systems.

The research provides conclusive proof that more and more organisations are choosing to plan and execute their portfolio of projects using Agile methodologies in some form—with a majority of organisations increasingly using a blend of both Agile development and waterfall techniques. This new approach is being fuelled in part by consumers of cloud services, who demand the right balance of governance, rapid delivery, and fast response to requests for enhancements and new services. The survey also reveals that the majority of organisations will continue to use a blend of both Agile and waterfall development, with the trend towards Agile development in the next few years.

3 Replies to “[Survey] – Portfolio Management for Agile IT – And the Winner is Waterfall”

  1. You can still find a lot of legacy code written in Cobol, what scares me is legacy minds…
    On the other hand, I think that Open Scope contracts are still a problem in many environments, in special governments. However, it is possible to use iteractive and incremental cycles with closed scope contracts. So, IMHO, the problem is really related to legacy minds.

  2. There is a lot of legacy code out there, what scares me is when I see things like that, meaning that there are a lot of legacy minds out there! IMHO the only problem with Agile for corporations is open scope contracts, in special governments.

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