[Sunday Fun] – Agile in Your Second Life [Game]

William Krebs was our Agile/Scrum master for this exploration into the viability of using Second Life for training and project management.

Interesting concept. I’m guessing you can use video games to collaborate? Where can we take this idea?

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  1. I don’t know if this would help or hinder a daily scrum within a distributed team. But, it does have my attention. I just recently heard of Teleplace. I read about seeing the AgileZen Kanban on a wall and seeing colleagues walk up and move tasks from one status to another. That sounds pretty compelling, if you can have this screen open on a dual-display. Otherwise, if it’s outside of your visual proximity, it may lose its effectiveness.


    What do you think? Do distributed teams have a new tool to help bridge the communications gap or do they potentially have a bright new shiny toy?

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