[Sunday #fail] – Linkedin for Lamers?

Connect with me on Linkedin.com?

The above is the response I got back from him.

So, is Linkedin a #fail? Why do you use Linkedin?


I personally don’t use LinkedIN btw. But people keep adding me! 🙂

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  1. I will admit, I don’t really “get” LinkedIn; I get Twitter; I don’t get Facebook.

    The event that summarizes my confusion about LinkedIn was an invite I received a few weeks ago. Though the email address was changed to protect the innocent, the connect invite (that was sent to me) was the following:

    “May I request you to professionally connect with me at LinkedIn? Please send me a LinkedIn invite (xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com) and I would be happy to accept your invitation.”

    My response? [Delete]

      1. So, now that LinkedIn has announced an IPO, does that mean that it has officially jumped the shark?

        The only use I have for LinkedIn is to aggregate people I know in the business world. That’s not much of a value proposition! I’ve joined LinkedIn groups but they’ve turned into spam-fests. I’ve had so much more success building relationships via Twitter. It’s just hard to keep track of everyone.

        It has been helpful when it comes to finding people I used to work with. But, is that all it’s good for? Is it a Classmates.com for business?

  2. I get a lot of job interview invitations via LinkedIn. I think it’s also a good place to put your resume and get searched in Google. However that’s the only value I see in it.

  3. Errmmm if (s)he replied on LinkedIn, then, ermmm ergo doesn’t (s)he fall into their own derogatory category – I think that’s the fail here!

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