Standup // Daily Scrum – Can You See a Potential Problem?

So… what do you think?

Anybody have any stories of even more complicated standups or daily scrums?

[BTW: This team actually is very high performing]

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  1. Not sure it’s more complicated, but I once worked with an organization that they had one team with the PO in Denmark, a couple developers on the East Coast of the US, a developer and a couple testers on the West Coast of the US, several developers and testers in India and the ScrumMaster in Singapore. The ScrumMaster held two partial standups a day (via phone of course) around 8am and 10pm US West Coast time.

  2. Yet that ScrumMaster (with no formal SM training at all) did better at it and seemed the most enthused about the role than did the other 3-4 SMs, including one who had a completely colocated team that met and worked together in a conference room each day. (Not that they were bad at it, it just wasn’t what I think they were led to believe was what they might want as a next career step.

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  4. Good article Peter and yes, I agree, stand-ups can get a bit “laborious”, especially for new teams that have a new shiny Agile tool! I find it best to simplify, simplify, simplify…and when it getZ 2 thick…refer back to the Manifesto to revisit the section about “eliminating process”…thanX Peter!

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