Standard Faire – Par for the Course

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In my current Job, we started a new project in January 2014 to build a strategic solution and completely replace an existing tactical system by end of 2014. Till date, which is September 2014 [emphasis mine], what has been done is a 50 pager BRD provided by business. This is the 1st project artifact that was provided to the technical team. Even after reading this 50 pager document, we could not understand the project requirement fully.

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Why is this the norm? This dysfunction is far beyond reasonable, and far beyond rationale. It astounds me (but it shouldn’t by now), that these thing still exist. 9 months of work, all you have to show is 50 page document? Man, gotta love gainful employment.

Oh, and btw, Agile could’ve helped here… no facetiousness here. Really.


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  1. A chainsaw salesman was showing his wares to some locals at a general store in Maine. “This new TCX 47 will cut down thirty trees a day.” One of the men shouted, “That’s for me!” He slammed down his money, grabbed the saw and ran off.

    A week later, the salesman was back in town, and was quickly cornered by the man from the store. “This saw you sold me is no damned good! I can’t cut down more than two trees a day with it.”

    The salesman inspected the saw bar and chain, checked the fuel and lubricating oil, and pulled on the rope. The saw roared to life, and the customer jumped back. “What the Hell is THAT?”

    Agile might have helped. Then again …

  2. It’s called muscle memory Peter :-). Many organizations still believe that ALL requirements have to be documented in some BRD and Agile is just for the developers and not for the rest of the business.

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