Stage 1 – Getting Published

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I’ve now begun the process of “getting published.”

This was never a personal goal for me. It was really something that kind of just happened.

As a consultant for companies that want to move to a more ‘agile’ software development approach, it seemed logical (as a value-add to my client) to write weekly “Agile Update Newsletters” to the development team on best practices, tips and tricks, as well as frequent reminders of why we are transforming and doing what we’re doing.

“Hey, we’re going Agile, right?”

In time, I had an over-whelming amount of content. One of my clients told me one day that all the letters that I’ve been writing could amount to a book.

The gears in my head began to churn.

As of this past month or so I’ve finished up my book on Scrum. Not quite sure of the title yet, but have finished the arduous process of creating a book proposal and sending it out to a couple publishers.

I received one response back that looked like this:

This is an automatic response to let you know we have received your
proposal, book idea, question, or suggestion. Please do not respond to this
If you have sent us a book proposal, we will review it and try to give you
an answer within two to three weeks after the date we received it.

Well, I guess the journey begins with an automated response back. Wish me luck!

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