Self Publishing? – Fact or Fiction?

Rejection may mean other options...

Recently, Seth Godin published a blog post on self publishing and why (for him at least) it is worth going the self-publishing route. Hey, this isn’t meant for everyone, but if you’re interested in the article you can find it here.

What is funny is that I read a rebuttal blog entry that really outlined the reasons why someone may not want to take Godin’s advice. I found myself reading through the entire article and wondered to myself, “Hey, should I go a self-publishing route for my book?” Maybe so, maybe not. For a link to this article you can jump here.

The biggest reasons that it may seem beneficial for me to self-publish would be the following:

1. I get to control the publishing process as well as the marketing and media.

2. I get to design it any darn way I want.

3. It gets my thoughts and ideas out there quickly.

4. I can use the self-published book to jump start my other book ideas that I have in the works.

5. I get to have a cool tangible textbook of my work (COOL FACTOR+++)

We’ll see which way I go. I’m getting used to finding rejection letters in my email box. Here is a recent one:

Hello Peter,
Thank you for your proposal. At this point in time we are not interested in pursuing this opportunity with you. Thank you for thinking of <Publisher Name>.

Nice. Quick and dirty. I like it!

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