See you in Nashville – Agile2013 at my Lightning talk!

So, did you all sign up for Peter’s session at Agile2013?


I am excited to share that I will in Nashville too and will be representing PMI Agile CoP Council.

As a part of the conference, there are specific time slots for lightning talks on 3 themes: People, Process and Technology. Many people showed interest in the lightning talk idea I submitted – “Communities of Practice – What, Why and How?

I invite you to mark your calendars if you are attending the conference: Tuesday, August 6 • 2:00pm – 3:15pm. This will be my first talk on such a scale :), so I will appreciate your support! While I am preparing for the 5 minute talk, I am interested to know from AgileScout community:

  • What questions would you like to see addressed with respect to the above topic?
  • If you were attending the talk, what would you want to hear from the person?

I want to make sure I share something that the agile community would find valuable. Your questions can help in advance. So, please share your comments and thoughts either here on the ideascale site and help me, help you!

Regardless of you attending the conference, you can still VOTE on the above idea (or any others ideas that interest you – Note: Account creation required with idea scale).  Voting open till July 25th, so hurry!

It is a great feeling sharing this post with you – on a special day – July, 19th 2013. Today I complete a decade of my first ever plane ride in my life which brought me into US of A! :). A decade, WOW!

It’s been an amazing ride, thanks to you – Agile community!

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