ScrumMaster’s Retrospective with Management Agenda

If your company has multiple teams with multiple ScrumMasters, how would you hold a ScrumMaster retrospective?

Remember: The purpose of the Retrospective is to take the opportunity to examine the past release and identify opportunities for improvement.

I’ve found that the following agenda has been useful for holding these types of ScrumMaster retrospectives (timeboxed to an hour).

The agenda for the Management Retrospective will be:

  1. Establish focus for the retrospective and share the plan for the meeting
  2. Review data from the ScrumMasters and identify important events that happened
  3. Generate insights through understanding root causes of events and build awareness to the group
  4. Focus on root causes and identify things that the management team can accomplish and improve
  5. Re-iteration of issues and follow-up commitment by management

ScrumMasters need to come prepared with:

  1. A printed out burndown chart of your team (large print out preferred)
  2. One (1) team specific event that needs escalation or focus from the management team
  3. One (1) enterprise issue that needs management visibility
  4. Each ScrumMaster will be given a 8 minute timebox to present on issues.

The main purpose of using the burndown chart is to make sure that the issues the ScrumMaster’s face are backed up by data. Conjecture and ambiguity has no place here. During the retrospective, we’ll go through each of the ScrumMasters and use stickies posted to where the burndown shows issues.

What else would you add to this ScrumMaster’s retrospective agenda?

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