ScrumMaster Daily Check List

There is a reason why when you get on a flight the two pilots go through an intense check list. Why? Because check lists work. If you are the Perfect ScrumMaster, who passed all the ScrumMaster Interview Questions, this checklist may just help you:

Each day

  • Can you see the taskboard?
  • Does it have a full set of stories/tasks?
  • Does the client know what’s been committed to on the board?
  • Has it been updated since yesterday?
  • Are there ‘you are here’ arrows?
  • Are there stories awaiting done-done checking?
  • Can you see the burndown?
  • Has it been updated since yesterday?
  • Is it under the glideslope?
  • Can you see the release plan?
  • Do you know what’s likely to be in the next iteration?
  • Are most of next iteration’s stories now unblocked?
  • Has there been a daily stand-up?
  • Can you see the demo date? Is everyone who’s needed attending?
  • Can you see the product owner’s name and contact details?
  • Does the team believe in what they’re building, and why?

Each sprint

  • Are there cutoff lines (with risk multipliers) on the release plan?
  • Have all the clients seen the RP? Is there a stealth client?
  • Do all the clients know the current velocity? Do you?
  • Have we been paid for this iteration?
  • Is there one email per completed iteration, showing stories completed, velocity, risks and projected scope?

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  3. Wow, that’s an actual job? What do you do the rest of the 7 1/2 hours? Shouldn’t a secretary be able to do this kind of stuff with minimal training?

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