Tool Review – Scrum2Go – iPhone Apps!

I’ve always been impressed by the way that there has been a convergence between typical software platforms and handheld devices. It seems like almost everyone is doing it.

If you have a piece of software, yeh, put that baby on the iPhone or Android.

Agile is all about people and communication over strict methods and prohibitive processes, right? Well why not allow people to communicate through their phones as well?

Enter Scrum2Go from BitCoders:

Put Scrum into your pocket!

What we here, at Agile Scout like about this is it’s easy to use interface. Talk about simplicity!

Here we can edit and drop the number of sprints into the app:

After that’s taken care of, you can edit the stories and information for each sprint into the next window:

Need metrics? Yep, they have it. Your typical burndown and velocity metrics. Valuable information for your team:

While one of our editors has used other apps like: PTCruiser for Pivotal Tracker, we think Scrum2Go is a winner. If you’re of the persuasion that tools can help, then drop on this one and see if helps your team!

Let us know your thoughts if you’ve downloaded this one!

Got a cool app or software program that we haven’t added to our Agile Tool List? Let us know, we review stuff.

8 Replies to “Tool Review – Scrum2Go – iPhone Apps!”

  1. Thanks for the review! Very cool app you picked.
    As scrum master I’m using it for two weeks now and just love it. No bells and whistles – beautiful simple user interface with all information you need.

    Still missing some kind of synchronisation between devices to use it in a bigger team. Hopefully this will come.


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