Scrum Tutorial with Strong Bad and Homestar Runner

Came across an interesting Scrum tutorial from the Collabnet guys. The tutorial is pretty interesting and covers all the basics.

While I was watching I couldn’t help but think that the characters… I’ve seen them before. Then it hit me. Yes. They are Homestar Runner and Strong Bad!

For those that didn’t grow up watching these guys. You’ve missed out on a small slice of internet #win.

Take the tutorial for a spin if you’ve got the time. There are a few opportunities for laughs as well. 🙂


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  1. Michael James, the creator and presenter is someone who really gets Scrum, and knows how to present it clearly and concisely, so this is a valuable presentation.

    However, your reference to Homestar Runner almost amounts top false advertising for this, and is a distraction. There is no connection whatsoever. Even the style is utterly different.

    1. Thanks for the review of this. We’re not knocking the content. The content is good, no doubt. Homestar Runner… well, that is what it is.

      All the best Tobias 🙂

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