Scrum Pocket Guide – Giveaway!

This month’s giveaway is a fun one, especially tailored to our ScrumMaster audience!

Peter Saddington has recently published a Scrum Pocket Guide primer in eBook format (PDF). Details below:

There is a solid way to build software quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively. You’ve found it. This eBook on Agile software development with Scrum.

  • Any level of ScrumMaster or Project Lead can utilize this book to refine and develop their facilitation and Agile knowledge
  • Simple and easy application for you and your team
  • Know when you are ready to apply the principles through questions to ask yourself or your team
  • See the value of Agile principles applied through case studies

***Download the Introduction to the book and example chapter on High Performance Teams [here]***

Want a free copy of the Scrum Pocket Guide?

3 FULL COPIES (value $17) with 2 ways to enter:

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Contest will run till end of February. Get on it. Free swag #ftw.

Want more information on the book? Get on over to:

94 Replies to “Scrum Pocket Guide – Giveaway!”

    1. Looking at the link – I guess you can’t get it in a hard copy format. Shame; I don’t take my iPad or laptop with me everywhere, but want to read…

  1. We are trying to establish scrum after a long discussion and finding period. Finally! The guide would help me to understand faster and better what need to avoid during the implementation and would help us being successful in this big task.

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