Scrum Jobs – Clearly No Idea


I’m not sure if I would be proud of these tweets… but then again, maybe I’m the stupid one.

Clearly, (in my opinion), these companies (recruiters?) don’t know that there is a difference…

Would you really want to work for a company that wants you to be a “technical project manager scrum master?” 

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5 Replies to “Scrum Jobs – Clearly No Idea”

  1. Well, even senior project manager, developer or every other Scrum team member could be an acting Scrum Master.

    But yes, in this particular case, company itself indicates lack of knowledge about Agile/Scrum principles and Job Alert sounds weird at least 🙂

  2. Point: Project manager is a role; Scrum master is a role. Can the same person play both roles, on different endeavors? Of course, and many do.

    Counterpoint: I’ve grown weary of reading job reqs written by people who have no understanding of the knowledge domain they are recruiting for. How would an HR professional feel about this requirement?

    “Seeking HR Business Partner, with experience in firing slackers while minimizing exposure to litigation, helping executives avoid responsibility for their poor management practices, and minimizing compensation offered to qualified applicants who don’t realize that they were underpaid at their previous job. Requires SPHR, CEBS, CCP, and CPP, with experience managing a payroll department for a Fortune 500 company. Better compensation than you’ll negotiate for those other twits – we promise!”

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