Scrum and The World of Warcraft – Why Good Scrum is like WoW

We came upon a fantastic article recently that would appeal to gamers and Agile-fans alike. If you’re a gamer, especially a fan of World of Warcraft, then this article is a fun read.

Erwin van der Koogh from Xebia posted an article on 7 ways that Warcraft is a like a good slice of Scrum based off of his learnings from the recent TED talk on “7 Ways Games Engage the Brain.”

The 7 Ways Warcraft is Like Scrum:

  1. Experience bars measuring progress – Just like a burndown chart.
  2. Multiple long and short-term goals – Breaking features and products down into user stories and functional units of work.
  3. Rewards for effort – Being able to see your work and stories move to the “done” column of your Scrum board.
  4. Rapid, frequent and clear feedback – From Scrum boards, burndown charts, demonstrations of product, Scrum allows for rapid feedback to the team.
  5. An element of Uncertainty – Software development is inherently uncertain. That’s what makes it exciting when your code compiles!
  6. Windows of enhanced attention – Sprints are timeboxed focused periods of time to complete the tasks assigned for the duration of the sprint.
  7. Other people – Player interaction, team interaction, business interaction.

As an ex-Warcraft enthusiast, I totally understand this. What a great analogy!

[HT: Xebia]

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