Scrum Alliance 2011 Strategic Plan Now Available

Strategic Plan 2011 Scrum Alliance

Big thanks to Mike Cohn for providing this for the general public. Give it a read-through. This sounds like great step for the Scrum Alliance. Here’s to hoping!

Check out the summary below on the Scrum Alliance Values, Vision, and Mission:


  • Respect
  • Focus
  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Courage


“Transforming the World of Work”


Our mission is to provide a community for those who seek an effective solution to business problems and to serve as the source of Scrum knowledge for those who want to learn Scrum, those who want to improve their understanding of Scrum, and for those who want to share their education in and experience with Scrum. We will accomplish that mission through three primary objectives.

  1. Expanding our presence
  2. Providing valuable membership in the Scrum Alliance
  3. Offering meaningful certification in the Scrum framework

How well we do these three things above will be the measure of our success.

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