Sashimi? Velocity? – Fun terminology

Love me some Sushi and Sashimi

My wife and I love to eat sushi. Almost every Thursday we go to our favorite sushi joint up in Duluth, GA. This place rocks our socks off. I have seriously gone to almost every sushi house in the greater Atlanta region and found that none of them come close to this small sushi house owned and operated by actual Japanese people with real Japanese chefs!

Sashimi is raw fish. But it is also a ‘report.’ Huh? What?

I’ve never really used this terminology before, but some agilists and Agile software development folk use sashimi to refer to a report of something being done or completed. Usually it is given in a Scrum. It can also be an actual report.

Hopefully everyone’s sashimi is good today, or rather, hopefully everyone has good reports to report!

Another term in Agile software development is “velocity.” Many teams have a velocity number that they use to track progress through a project. What is this? What does it mean? Basically it is a measure of how much work the development team can finish in one sprint/iteration, based on averages of previous sprints. This is a great standard metric for our development team. When done correctly, you can adequately measure your ability to complete work in whatever length iterations you have.

Remember, your “Velocity” is a very valuable metric. This is how we can predict commitments as long as you are using the some other Agile methodologies correctly (i.e. maintaining an accurate backlog, adequately recording requirements scope change, etc).

A team should take time out between iterations to re-evaluate the backlog with the Product Owner. You should be disciplined to using your velocity correctly so you can give accurate estimates!

More fun sushi, sashimi, and nigiri pictures! 🙂

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