Ruhroh! Challenges and Changes for Scrum Alliance Again

The Scrum Alliance just announced that they are parting ways with Donna Farmer, whom many saw as the beacon that would help lead the Scrum Alliance to greater glory with the 2011 Strategic Plan. Ruhroh! Looks like we’re headed into more challenging territory.

Excerpt below:

The Scrum Alliance Board of Directors has parted ways with former Managing Director Donna Farmer. The Scrum Alliance appreciates the work Donna accomplished during her time with us and we wish her all the best.

This definitely will make things interesting for the SA in 2011. We’ll stay tuned to see how things turn out!

[VIA: Scrum Alliance]

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  1. Peter I would like it if you did an article on the current Agile leaders and what they are up to, recent books, links to their blogs, etc eg who is a leader in using Agile for data warehousing

    1. How about this? I’ll let YOU write an article on it and we can post it here! If not, that’s ok. I’ll take a look into it anyways

      Thanks for the hit!

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