Requirements-Driven Development For The Lose

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“By starting design early, the team managed to paint a picture of what the system might actually do, and get important feedback that made the requirements better.”

Sounds Agile to me 🙂

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  1. The final process is definitely much better than the start, for sure. I prefer, however, to build the detailed requirements as the project progresses (see As such, I would not rely on too much while still prototyping.

    Also, I typically build the early prototyping and feedback into the first few iterations. The focus there being early validation that the concept will work and that the chosen technologies will work together. It also provides a way to measure velocity on a newly composed team before the development starts.

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  3. Hi Peter,
    Agile is based on two main principles: iterative and incremental. But I don’t see this in Development box, which is the heart of the process!

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