Rejection = Growth

rejectedSometimes rejection can come quickly. But I would always say that it’s better to know where you stand early than wait through it.

I received, after only a couple days of submitting my book proposal to some publishers a rejection response:

Dear Mr. Saddington,

“Thanks again for your query letter, proposal, and a sample manuscript for your book. While your proposed book takes a different approach to this subject, it’s not a subject we’ve contemplated a book on nor is there sufficient enthusiasm here for a this type of manuscript due to the cost involved while having to maintain a low list price. I wish you the best of luck in finding a good home for your project.”

Hey, I’m glad I at least received a response back! What is nice to know is that they did read my proposal and that they have rejected my proposal based on a $ ROI. This helps me understand better the reasons. Hey, sometimes you never get reasons.

This will be a growing time for me as I try to break into the publishing world. I know that I’ll grow a lot through the (soon to come) rejections and possible conversations I’ll have with some publishers.

Maybe someone will be interested enough to pick up my project!

Image Source [Humanology]

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