Real Agile Teams Drink Tiger Blood – #winning

As an Enterprise Agile coach, I really love having fun with my teams. Part of that is breaking up the daily grind with something new.

What would happen if you gave all your Agile teams a bit of super-sauce… call it… TIGER BLOOD?

Well, I bought a couple packs and gave a couple of teams the option of trying it. Some teams said “NO.” But some team members… they were all for it!

Yes. Tiger Blood for me please. I like to #win!
  • Are your Product Owners a bore? Boost them up with TIGER BLOOD!
  • Do your ScrumMasters need to take a leap of faith with their teams? – TIGER BLOOD!
  • What if your Scrum/Agile teams needed an extra boost? – TIGER BLOOD!
  • How do you add #winning to your development teams? – TIGER BLOOD!
  • How can you personally #win at life? – TIGER BLOOD!

Get your Tiger Blood for your development team [here]!

#pwning n00bs sheen style

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