Real Agile Developers Use QR-Codes

Don’t know what this is? Thats ok. We’re here to enlighten you.

This is a QR-Code, one of the many ways to provide your viewers an extra way to interact with your site. We’re still trying to figure out how to utilize these little gems. Stay tuned as we figure it out for ourselves!

So what do you need to utilize this little code?

  • A smartphone (iPhone, Android-based phone)
  • An app for your smartphone (QR Code Widget, QuickMark QR Code, App to QR)

Boom. You’re done.

Try it out on the code above. Who knows, a little secret (read: free swag) could be going your way!

4 Replies to “Real Agile Developers Use QR-Codes”

  1. Yes its kool. automatically creates QR codes for all your URLs.Also iphone users you can download an app to read the QR codes. I use QR Code Reader – it is free and works like a charm.

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