RallyON2011 – My Experiences – One Awesome Agile Conference!

As an Enterprise Agile coach and Rally Coach Partner, for me, this was the event of the year (and I’m speaking at 2 other conferences coming up later this year!)

So… just a day ago I got back from the RallyON 2011 conference out in Boulder, CO. If I were to sum up my experiences in one sentence it would be: An awesome-sauce of a time.” – Need help translating?

I believe this was probably one of the best Agile conferences I’ve been to ever. Ryan Martens (@rallyon) and his incredible team put together one of the most interactive and fun conferences that simply gave back to the community of practice what is desperately needed: An opportunity to talk about what they wanted to talk about.

Would you pay to go to a conference, hotels, rental car fees, etc and find out that Day 2 of the conference was… open to whatever people wanted to talk about with no agenda??? Well, that’s exactly what happened, and it worked. The Open Space during day 2 was fantastic. There was so much information and learning going on you could almost cut it with a knife.

So instead of just ranting about how #epic it was, I’m going to just put together some bullet points of highlights that were just dandy:

  • Getting to hear Ryan Martens speak about “living the dream.” – You had to be there!
  • Getting to see how passionate the Rally Software people are about their work in the Agile space.
  • Day 1 – Tons of great speakers talking about everything from Kanban to building great Agile teams – [[Get all the notes of Day 1 here]]***
  • Beautiful downtown Boulder – I think the happiest people in the world all live in Boulder, seriously.
A perfect day in Boulder, CO - Day 1
  • A beautiful hotel – St. Juliens – Highly recommend going there.
  • A social experiment with a kick-butt crew from StackExchange (@aalear and @mpmobile) – Bringing community building to a conference worked! Taking questions from the conference and crowd-sourcing online communities to answer them. #winning
  • Networking with some of the most passionate and helpful Agile coaches around!
  • Day 2 – Open Space – What more can I say? This was really neat! [[Get all the notes of Day 2 here]]***
A Cold Snow Day 2??? Crazy weather
  • My open space talk on Agile and Social Media 🙂
  • Continual Agile-conversation, from the conference to talking over good Boulder, CO local food joints.
  • Again, and I cannot stress this enough for me: Meeting some of the most passionate, helpful, and happy people in the Agile community. Thumbs up!

All in all the conference was top notch. The only downside was that I got stuck in Denver because of a sudden blizzard. :)~

Thanks again Ryan Marten and your Rally crew, you guys did an amazing job. I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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  1. Peter,
    Wow, thanks for such a great post on the event WE shared this week. I really appreciated your jumping in the social media front in so many ways. (tweeting, posting, speaking and coaching new folks!)

    Sorry to see you got stuck by a blizzard on Wednesday PM. That was a good piece of feedback for next year:)

    All the best,

  2. Great post that really captures this exceptional conference. A high energy group of passionate professionals in a fantastic setting. Kudos to Ryan the Rally team!

  3. Great post that really captures this exceptional conference. A high energy group of passionate professionals in a fantastic setting. Kudos to Ryan Martens and the Rally team for such a successful, engaging meeting!

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