PW&WCBA Complete and Wrap Up! – Full List of Sessions

PW&WCBA has wrapped up. We at Agile Scout wanted to give a big shout out to the organizers whom you see above. This conference would not have happened without their hard work and dedication.


Also a big thank you to Jack Vince Productions for helping out with the setup and infrastructure. These guys are awesome if you haven’t had a chance to use them at your conference.

If you haven’t been able to attend check out all the speakers Agile Scout covered:

Interview with Ellen Gottesdiner – Agile Retrospectives

Ellen Gottesdiner on Agile Summit 2010 PW&WCBA

Interview with Mary Gorman – Agile Requirements

Interview with Arthur Shelley – Managing the Human Behaviors

Ellen Gottesdiener – Agile Retrospectives

James Lucas – Merging Competing Ideas

Arthur Shelley – Behavior and Project Teams


Mary Gerush – Next Generation Project Managers

Arthur Shelley – Planning for the Future

Mary Gorman – Agile Requirements

Pam Stanton – Funny Skype Conversation

Pam Stanton – Understanding the Human Side of Project Management

Interview with Jane Shellum and Janet Bartz

Interview with Manoj Vadakkan

Interview with Susan Block

John McGuthry and David King with Agile Scout- Panel Speakers!

William Greenwald – Leadership Courage

Susan Cramm – Future of IT

Kathleen Barret – Coming Together with BA/PMs

PW&WCBA Day Two Begins!

PW&WCBA Day 1 Review by Agile Scout

Day 1 – Wisdom from our Panel Speakers Agile Summit 2010

Day 1 – Panel Speakers for Agile Summit 2010

Pam Johnson – Leading Agile Self-Directed Teams

Janet Bartz and Jane Shellum – Agile and Lean

Agile World Cafe!

Dave Grabel – Agile Distributed Teams

Susan Block – Agile Requirements

Manoj Vadakkan – Agile Estimation

Agile Summit 2010 with Ellen Gottesdiener Intro

Agile Summit 2010 Pre-view


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