PW&WCBA – Arthur Shelley – Boost Project Performance by Leveraging Behavioral Assets

Arthur Shelley speaking on Boosting Project Performance by Leveraging Behavioral Assets

“I’m the behavioral story guy. We must have conversations around behaviors in regard to projects.”

How many people in the room believe behavior has a significant impact on project outcomes? – Most all agree.

How many of you FORMALLY recruit for project team members based on behavioral characteristics? – Not many do this in the room.

“Project work is like a pregnancy… they set the vision, at the beginning.” – Arthur Shelley

“Just because you’re at the top of an org chart doesn’t mean you’re the leader.”

What animal do we need to be in business? How do we act?

“What animals do we need on a team to be successful?”

Behavior drives performance:

  • Performance = Capability + motivation + influence + role

In summary, do you understand your cultural jungle of characters? Now you need to create an environment that connects with the stakeholders in effective manners. Don’t align a lion with a mouse, but communicate wisely. Also, understand your teams social network. If you understand who talks with whom, you’ll understand where influence lies.

What Agile Scout liked about Arthur Shelley’s talk:

Behavior is YOUR choice. Reflect on the people on your team and choose what types of personalities you need to get the project done. This was very eye-opening to us. We talk so much about projects, processes, and communication and collaboration, but we tend to forget about the behaviors of people on a team.

Do you want a high-performance team? Reflect on the types of people you have on your team. Do you have a team of people with behaviors that will help your project or program be successful?

The key to discussing behaviors with your team is crucial upon how you deliver the conversation. We need to be aware that the way we communicate a discussion around behavior can either have negative or positive reactions from your audience.

“When you create the need, people want it. Start the conversation.”

All behaviors have a niche:

  • Not right and wrong behaviors – But there are misplaced behaviors
  • Target right animal in the right context – To get the optimal outcome
  • Change animals consciously and proactively – rather than subconsciously in reaction

“Need to show that you are behaviorally adaptable in business so as to not be mis-characterized.”

Arthur’s slides are below:

4 Replies to “PW&WCBA – Arthur Shelley – Boost Project Performance by Leveraging Behavioral Assets”

  1. Peter,
    Thanks for the comments. My daughter came across this and said I look like a politician in full election flow. I of course advised her that whilst politicians could do with some lessons from the Zoo on how to behave in a more appropriate manner, I on the other hand am sharing what I know and free profiles with the people for the people (unlike many of our politicians). Given I only had 40 minutes, I had to take quite an agile approach. 8 years of research and development to create and mature the Organizational Zoo concept and so short to share it.

    I believe the profile of an effective Agile practitioner in the context of project implementation would be Eagle, Owl, Bee, Hyena, Insect (beneficial- Yucca Moth). This makes them an extremely powerful behavioral style and someone who will definitely make a significant difference.
    Hope to catch you again soon.
    A (@Metaphorage)

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