Project Managers are Killing the Profession – What to do?

“Project Managers are killing the profession.”

Jim Hannon recently posted about how underperforming and weak project managers are destroying the value of project management as a whole and is ruining the project management world for the rest of us.

Doh. That’s a bummer.

If you can get past the terrible grammar and poorly edited article, you’ll find that the three main views of project management include the following:

  1. “The PM is just a note taker.”
  2. “The PM speaks in lingo I cannot understand.”
  3. “The PM is just an obstacle and adds really no value.”

It was interesting to read through Jim’s article during the same week that another article was released on this exact topic, and gives some remedies to the above assertions!

Well, I’d like you, Jim, to meet our friend Donna, the Agilista PM. In Donna’s article on Agile Project Managers, she asserts that hiring managers WANT good Agile project managers!

Hiring managers are looking for:

  1. Confident PMs
  2. PMs with Courage to speak up — Not just “Yes” people
  3. PMs with Leadership Characteristics

Take a look see and see if Donna’s article doesn’t help answer Jim’s issues. To us, they should have coffee and work out this nuclear issue.

[HT: AgilistaPM, ProjectTimes]

3 Replies to “Project Managers are Killing the Profession – What to do?”

  1. There are even more dumb PMs around the world.
    I know a manager who asked his team member to start reading JBPM book from 5th chapter because he already studied up to 4th chapter.
    And htat PMs one day salary is twice the month salary of that developer.

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