[Tool Review] – Project Management with Bacon

Doesn’t adding bacon to anything make it just so much better and tastier? We guess that’s what the guys at Kisko Labs thought up during the Rails Rumble 2010 event.

Enter: Splendid Bacon – Project Management* for Hackers

What makes this project management tool so interesting is that they focused on simply 3 things:

  1. Project updates
  2. Gantt charts
  3. Dashboard view of all projects

Yep. That’s about it. Oh yah, you can assign tasks to different users and all that, but wanting much more than that and you’re asking for too much.

A simple dashboard shows the different projects you’ve created.

A simple update screen for your particular project, for us, we created “Example” and “Example 2.”

Here you can see our two example projects and their gantt chart. Easy right? We do like the black styling to the tool. It makes for a very solid feel to it. We were wondering whether we should add this tool to our Agile Scrum tools list, but we just didn’t know how it would work out with an Agile team. It’s so minimalistic in nature and it really didn’t have the features that a Scrum team would use, like story cards.

So how would one use this tool? We’re not too sure. Other than the fact that it’s (for now) a free tool, we don’t know how many teams would pick this up when there are other great free tools out there.

Check it out and give it a run. You may have an environment that would love this tool. For us, it’s an interesting concept.

Oh and by the way. It was built in 48 hours.

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