Product Marketing Becomes Agile (Series 1 of 4)

Part 1 of Agile Product Marketing Series:

  1. Product Marketing Becomes Agile
  2. What’s a Product Marketer Doing with a Roadmap?
  3. The Launch Queen Speaks
  4. It’s Not Small Change

This post is the first in a series designed to help Agile and B2B Marketing teams understand each other’s conversations and methods.

Attention Scrum Master or Product Owner!

Are you working with a Marketing Team and hoping they don’t think Agile practices mean another form for Yoga? Actually, we marketers know about Agile and are cautiously curious and optimistic.

You can be absolutely sure that marketers working with Agile development teams wonder how they’ll be able to Sprint faster, while shaping, communicating and testing the product’s market message, value prop – in time for successful commercialization.

Provide a Bridge

Invite your PMM to join in the Stand-up. Share your Backlogs. Collaborate.  Marketers must be plugged into product information as real-time as possible in order to understand the product as it is now defined. With your help, we’ll do a much better job working our magic.

Here’s Why This is Important

A marketer’s job is information intensive. Marketers tell the “others” about your products. We uncover the underlying problem(s) our products solve for customers. To do this, the marketing team has to have a strong understanding of the product’s current features and capabilities.  Our job is to help customers and prospects become interested because our products provide a benefit.

Sprints are fast, iterative; new features are delivered often, at least more often than was traditionally done. We cannot message what we don’t know. We cannot find solutions if we don’t understand the product functionality. Participating in Stand-ups and Retrospectives will keep us in the loop, and provide the updates we need to suitably message our markets. I didn’t attend every Stand-up scheduled, but when invited I was sure to attend, ready to learn and participate.

Marketers can help the Agile team too. We can craft compelling User Stories and offer suggestions on Business Value. Together we’ll build and sell awesome, profitable products.

Your Stories

How else has your Agile Team worked with marketing? What has worked for your teams? What could be improved the next time?

Cheers and happy travels!

Next up: What’s a Product Marketer Doing with the Roadmap?

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  1. Thank you for your read and your comments, Scott. I think it’s good we work horizontally and if I provide the breadcrumbs we might just do that. Please let me know what experiences you’ve had learning “marketing think.” You have certainly helped me regarding Agile.


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