Product Management Lesson

This fun and entertaining video comes from the movie Pentagon Wars. Worth a view and a couple laughs for sure.

In software we’re not building a Bradley tank (well not projects I’ve been involved in).

See how product management SHOULDN’T work with the video above.

A couple of posts to help you become a better Product Manager:

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  1. Thanks Peter! Great to see awareness of the demands of real product management as it relates to agile practices.

    To augment your list, I’d like to suggest a couple of product management-centric resources I’ve found instructional and inspirational as I’ve gotten my feet into agile product management. I think these present a slightly different angle:

    Roger Cauvin’s post “Agile is Not Just a Development Methodology.”

    Rich Mironov’s presentation “The Product Manager/Product Owner Dilemna.”

    Keep up the good work!

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  3. Good one Peter! 🙂 Hilarious, but true. How many times has dev been thrown in front of the bus to the “committee”? Yet we still love our jobs and march on, relentlessly. Who says developers don’t have thick skiN?!

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