Product Management Alignment Team

agile team product managementCurrently one of the biggest issues that have come about during my short tenure at this new client is the fact that they have not been able to align their business priorities and strategies.

Hey, we only have one core development team right? … Nope. We have many IT teams, and the interdependencies as well as connections to different working systems create a headache of a time to align.

Well in the perfect world of Scrum there tends to be a many to one relationship that exists. Many product owners and one development team. But in many big companies there are multiple stakeholders and multiple development teams that have to play “nice” together. How do we co-exist and still push out quality products on time?

A Product Management Alignment Team is the way to go. This team is made up of all the different players from different business units and discuss and strategize how a product can be deployed with all the interdependencies and nuances that accompany it.

It has been my experience that having an overarching team like this allows alignment to happen when complex products need to get to market and the changes hit many different systems and teams.

Get your team together and align the business.

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