Preventing Search Marketing Campaign Bottlenecks

If you manage marketing for your blog or marketing for your company as part of a team, there are outside factors that affect your marketing. A solid and effective relationship with other members of your team is crucial. Sure, you can create great search marketing plans, but if they are not implemented quickly and correctly, your marketing will fizzle. I’ve seen these same stumbling blocks impede small companies with $15 million yearly sales and corporate giants with revenue in the billions. These stumbling blocks are not the quality of your SEO or your blogging. If you create a powerful blog post or effective landing page and then it never gets implemented on your web site, then no one will see it. Let’s consider some of these real world factors, within your own organization.

– Blogs may lack enough contributors to build sufficient weekly content
– Programmers or web designers may not implement your SEO changes quickly
– Executives in your organization may not allocate budget or resources for SEO or search marketing projects
– Project managers may delay SEO changes in the current development cycle, in favor of other web site programming

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The best case will be having direct access to the website or blog to make content changes without burdening a developer or designer. For simply adding text content, direct access to a content management system (CMS), is the most consistent solution. Being able to directly implement SEO or content changes yourself should be a top priority. Use whatever negotiations are needed to get this type of direct control.In larger organizations, you may have no choice but to rely on developers or designers to implement your marketing changes or content.

I recently spoke with Atlanta search marketer Joe Woods, on marketing bottlenecks and how to overcome these obstacles. In some cases you are depending on a web designer or programmer to implement your SEO changes. If the programmers or designers are already loaded with other tasks, they may not have time to implement SEO work in the current production cycle.

Joe Woods sees a clear solution for these impediments. Joe says,”It’s not that your SEO recommendations are bad, it’s just that they’re not getting implemented. You’ve gotta get buy-in. When you actually go through development cycles, SEO stories get pushed back or not implemented. You’ve got to start getting buy-in on the developer level or web designer level. If you’re in an agile shop, the developers and designers have some bandwidth and some say in choosing to do SEO development stories”.

The regular iteration cycles in agile development may allow you to include developers or designers in your agile stories. This can be effective if you deliver your materials to the developers and designers early in each iteration.

Joe believes that this can be solved where the rubber meets the road, “If you can, get the project manager to see the value and the benefit of the traffic resulting from implementing the SEO story in this release cycle. Sometimes you’ve got to be a sales guy and develop a good relationship with the developers or designers. This may involve buying people lunch or using some informal setting or meeting to teach the value of SEO to the organization.”

The biggest bottleneck can be getting department heads or other executives to allocate budget money or to allocate developer, content writer or web designer hours to implement your SEO marketing changes. This problem can be resolved by presenting a case study or business case that sells the expected benefits of your SEO or search marketing changes. Joe says that sometimes the problem originates at the top of your department,  “As an SEO, I shouldn’t have to spend 80 percent of my time getting buy-in. Maybe  I should only spend 20 percent of my time, getting buy-in, getting external resources to build links or resources to write blog posts.”

All these problems can be resolved by negotiating specific commitments for developer or designer resources at the beginning of the search marketing project. This requires that your department will allocate specific resource hours that are needed to implement SEO web or blog changes during every production cycle. Negotiating these commitments, up front, with department heads, project managers and designers will guarantee that your search marketing strategies are consistently implemented to build search rankings, web traffic and conversions.


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    1. Thanks Karol. Whether it’s a marketing agency or your own company’s marketing team, the process of helping other teams and gaining their support is crucial to success.

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